Are you looking for a Halal catering service in Stamford Connecticut?

You would not be the first person to have a need for Halal catering in Stamford. In fact, Halal food has become so popular in the US that many choose to eat it just for the pleasure of it.

What is so special about Halal catering? Cooking Halal style is one of the oldest methods of cooking and preparing food. Thanks to the addition of exotic vegetables and spices, Halal food is packed with flavor and taste.

But taste and flavor are not the only two benefits of Halal catering. Many of the foods that make up this particular style of cuisine are low-fat. Instead of cream being used as part of the cooking process, yogurt is added to give sauces such as Tandoori flavor.

Not only will you find that Halal cooking is good for you, but if you would like to eat healthy foods, Halal food is simply the best taste experience you can enjoy. Another reason to enjoy Halal food is that many of the best tasting dishes are based on vegan or vegetarian recipes.
Dishes such as Daal are entirely made up out of lentils and vegetables.


Here at Stamford catering in Connecticut, we like to introduce all our clients to new and exciting flavors. We provide our clients with a range of exciting and wholesome Halal dishes. from start to finish.

We would even go as far as to say our Halal menu is one of the most versatile Asian menus in Connecticut.

You can start your Halal dining experience with something as simple as pickles and chutneys with a poppadum style bread. This simple dish makes an excellent choice for any buffet. Poppadums can be enjoyed with both sweet-tasting chutneys and stronger chili-based pickles.

Moving on, why not try Tandoori chicken which can only be described as a real taste sensation. The chicken is marinated in Tandoori spices together with yogurt and then baked in a special clay oven.

Kebab based dishes are also so popular in the Halal catering tradition. You can build your own kebab by layering chicken, lamb, and fresh salad vegetables. Top it off with a chili or garlic sauce and you are in for a real treat.


If you are someone who loves your spices, you will soon fall in love with some of the “hotter’ dishes. Chilies and garlic are used to add extra warm to chicken and lamb. But, don’t be surprised if you find other flavors included in the food served up on your Halal buffet. Other popular spices popular in Halal cooking include ginger and garlic. Together they set many dishes apart.

Many of our clients still associate garlic with Mediterannean dishes, but garlic has been part of Asian cuisine for many thousands of years. You will also find that cinnamon and curcumin make up the ingredients of the hotter and spicer dishes.

When you get used to the Halal cooking, you can try Vindaloo and dishes that offer more heat than Korma and Tandoori

Hot saucy dishes are often served with the welcome addition of a naan bread or two. This is a dense freshly baked bread that originated in India. It is often served plain but can be filled with garlic paste or coconut when you like to add more flavor to your Halal meal.


Halal catering has now become a very popular addition to American food culture. More people than ever before are expanding the range of food that they eat. They look for new tastes and to create new culinary memories.

Halal food is perfect for any occasion. You can create exciting buffets or have sultry tasting dishes brought to your table during at a sit-down lunch.

It can be said that no catering at-home or corporate event is complete without a few Halal dishes.

As Halal food is super healthy, many have turned to it as it one of the top healthy choices you can make when making deciding on a catering menu. Some Halal foods taste even better when they are cold. This is why you will often find Halal dishes as part of a lunchtime corporate buffets.

One thing is for sure, you never compromise on taste when it comes to Halal food.


There is no need to shy away from Halal food just because you are planning a traditional celebration such as a wedding, anniversary, or birthday.

Our professional catering team at Stamford catering will help you to make the right choices for you. If you are new to Halal food, we would recommend that you start with easy-on-the-tastebuds dishes such as Korma. This coconut-based dish is second to none. Although it is mild when compared to other Halal dishes, it still looks and tastes a million dollars. Served with rice, it will make a perfect accompaniment to other stronger and more exotic tasting dishes.


Not only should you try exciting Halal main course dishes. Desserts are part of Halal culture as well, and you will find that some desserts are really essential to any meal.

You may want to finish off your lunchtime dining experience with a yogurt-based dessert, or instead try a Zarda or mango custard.


As Halal is such a healthy catering option, it is bound to become increasingly popular in the United States. Mexican cuisine is very much here to stay, and it seems that Halal catering is now a popular choice for a lunch or dinner catering events in Connecticut.

If you would like to know more about Halal catering for your event or party, why not get in touch with us here at Stamford catering. We would love to have the chance to introduce you to the exciting flavors and textures that are part of Halal food culture.

The spices used are warming, and if you feel that some dishes are too spicy for your tastebuds, there are many other options to choose from when it comes to our Halal menu. One thing is for sure, once you have tried Halal catering, you are going to put it on your lunch menu or buffet table time and time again.

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